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Haunted by hooks and good old fashioned song-craft.



from Bridgeport, CT

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Brian Larney is an eclectic, non-stop music making machine. The Connecticut native splits his time performing as a solo acoustic act and as the front-man of his band Brian Larney and The Town Hall. He's an alternative folk-rock singer-songwriter with an honest and thoughtful style that has been described as
“quirky, earnest, and vulnerable.” It’s as rooted in the pop music writers of the mid-1960’s as
the contemporary artists that he is often compared to, e.g. Jason Isbell and The Decemberists.

Larney grew up in the Northeast obsessed with well-crafted songs and the art of
harmonizing. “we didn't have a piano, so I would get to school at 6:00 AM and sneak into the choir room just to pick out songs and work on harmonies,” he says. As a songwriter, his early efforts were he says,
“overly complicated 7-minute opuses.” Through his varied tastes as a listener—which span
pop to bluegrass—and work as a gigging musician touring within a diverse array of bands, including
the genres of power-pop, post-punk, acoustic and Americana, he gradually essentialized his
songwriting style.

Cutting edge AI company and music promotion team, Zenabi, probably describe the Larney
sound best. "His songs are organic spoonfuls of classic pop and folk, naturally sweet, non-
GMO, without the sugar crash; his style hearkens back to the days of Simon and Garfunkel,
the Beatles, and maybe a bit of Partridge Family."

Hist latest album, White, is an emotional reflection of the struggle and joy of relationships
and life during these tense political times. It was produced by Larney himself and mixed by
Grammy nominated John Shyloski. It was mastered by Blake La Grange of Mercury Mastering.


America  Needs The Town Hall

2017 - Factory Underground Records

Surrender Dorothy

2012 - Nunya Records

The Crossing (single)

2018 - Factory Underground Records

Homily (single)

2016- Nunya Records

At the Starting Line

2013 - Nunya Records

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2018 - Nunya Records





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1. Bad Things [3:35]
2. Enchanted By The Moon [3:37]
3. A Beautiful Way [3:24]
4. This Man is An Island [3:23]
5. My Hands Are Tied [2:56]
6. The Devil and I [3:35]
7. I Hate Being In Love [3:01]
8. Even Though [2:21]
9. The Crossing [3:18]​
White, is an emotional reflection of the struggle and joy of relationships and life during these tense political times.
All songs written and performed by Brian Larney
Produced by Brian Larney
Mixed by John Shyloski at Factory Underground
Mastered by Blake La Grange atMercury Mastering.


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